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Still alive but not very productive

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Thought I'd post but nothing dev related to report. Been a week filled with problems at work and at home and haven't touched my own PC since Tuesday.

I'm also away all next week for work so won't even be able to read the forums here let alone do any development. I can't face programming on the laptop so I think I'm going to have a little break.

I want to write a spaceship shooter game as a first 3D project. Can anyone point me at some good resources about creating a sky sphere (i.e. generating one, rather than loading a third party x file) or suggest any simpler ways that games like X implemented the sky backdrop? I don't know if X used a sky sphere or not.

Otherwise, I think I need a bit of a break from development really. It's been a very productive six months in terms of learning and a week or two off might help some of this maths I've been bending my mind round recently sink in.

[EDIT] Bit of a long shot, but I don't suppose anyone else here is attending the IMHX at NEC in Birmingham? Totally non-programming related (it's a materials handling exhibition) but you never know [smile].
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I don't know about the X series, but I do know that EVE uses a skybox.

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Original post by envy3d
I don't know about the X series, but I do know that EVE uses a skybox.

Well, I guess a skybox is a lot easier to implement than a sky sphere. I got a bit scared when I started googling about mapping textures onto spheres.

Maybe when I get back from Birmingham, I'll try mapping a seamless star texture onto the inside of a box and see what that looks like.

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