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Expo Hall Day Two

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Well, not officially day two quite yet. I'm just taking in a GDC Breakfast Special (a bran muffin and a Diet Pepsi) while waiting for the hall to open.

San Francisco is a pretty nice place, but I don't know if I could live here. For one, I don't think you can move TO San Francisco from anywhere else unless you bring along a suitcase of cash because property is so expensive. My house in Southlake Texas (a rather expensive part of Dallas/Fort Worth) has about the same square-footage as my cousin's four-story house in Upper Haight (sp?). She's on maybe 1/6 of an acre as opposed to my 1.5 acres. And her house probably costs six times what mine does.

Of course, you can't get around in D/FW without owning a car, so that'll save you. . .not nearly enough to live here.

Also my zoning allows me to legally own a horse. I don't think there's anywhere in SF where you could keep a horse.
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