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Bumpy shadows and BunnyScript

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benjamin bunny


The lighting project I've been working on is just about finished now. I've added bump mapping to the scene and specular highlights. I should have a demo complete by the end of the week.

(click to enlarge)

The project got a bit delayed by the fact that I felt the need to write a new scripting language to handle per-mesh calculations. A kind of per-object shader language I suppose. Since there are a lot of matrix calculations that are only performed once per mesh, it seemed wasteful to do them in a vertex program, and I wanted to keep the C++ code separate from the shaders as much as possible.

In the end I wrote a C-like language which compiles to bytecode, which can then be read through a virtual machine. After that I spent ages getting the VM to run at a sensible speed. It was worth it in the end though. The language (BunnyScript) is pretty general purpose, so I can see it being useful to other things such as AI.

I guess I could have just used a language that was already available - why bother to reinvent the wheel etc - but I've always wanted to write my own. Plus, I'm fairly confident that mine is faster than most other interpreted languages, which is a good thing because the programs are being run thousands of times per frame.
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