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San Francisco is not a land of magical slap fights

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When I was original planning a trip to San Francisco, I got a lot of useful advice that more or less amounted to "LOL GAY PEOPLE LIVE THERE LOL", which gave me the impression that the most I really had to worry about was maybe a roaming gang of rather fancily dressed men calling me a "silly billy" and commenting on my poor fashion taste and grooming.

It turns out that reality is, uh, slightly different from that. San Francisco is actually a kind of rough place.

For instance, Tuesday night while I was taking the bus back to my bed and breakfast, I saw some guy try to snatch some girls iPod and make a run for it while he was getting off the bus. Fortunately, though, he didn't actually manage to get it from her, so he ran off with nothing.

Of course, that set this old guy on the bus onto a long rambling rant about how all the guys on the bus besides him were cowards, because we didn't do anything to stop the attempted theivery. Nevermind that the whole incident was pretty much over before anyone even knew what was happening. Not to mention that he didn't do anything either, besides yell "what's going on back there?". Good to know Grandpa Longwinded is watching out for our safety though!

Then yesterday on my way to take the bus to the GDC, I saw a bit of a street fight going on at the stop I was planning on waiting at. Normally I would've used my exceptional Karate skills to break up the fight (after two weeks of training, I've attained a fearsome White Belt!), but about an hour earlier I had to tear off the nail on my big toe due to it losing a rather lopsided fight with the dresser, so I wasn't exactly in the "dealing with random strangers fighting at a bus stop" mood.

So instead, I went a couple of blocks west to another bus stop, except at that one there were about 5000 kids all trying to get on the same bus for some reason. Agh. It kindof reminded me of Lord of the Flies, only more annoying.

I don't mean to rag on San Fran, it's actually a lovely city, it's just terrifying is all.

Oh yes, also, I wrote up some coverage of the actual event (!), which I should be a able to publish soon once a few small technical details are out of the way.
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You'd have to look at my GDC 2005 journal entries for this story (too tired to do it myself right now) but I know one guy who got lost and wound up in a rough part of town without realizing it, and this stranger gives up his bus pass (or something) after telling my friend that he simply "shouldn't be here" :P

Oh and I hear from Hattan than the first Wed of every month is Free Museum Day (or something) and that there were thousands of kids descending on museums across the city (as his wife and kid found out as well).

Oh and that tech issue is cleared up now so go post your article.

Or... something.

I dunno. I'm going to sleep.

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