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GDC '07: Day whatever

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Bastards wouldn't let me into the XNA party because I don't have ID with my date of birth on it. Do I look under 21?

And to top it off, Walgreens don't have an SD->USB adapter, so you'll have to wait longer for the photos I've taken.
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So I guess the confused foreigner bit didn't work then? :P

BTW, I have an SD->USB adapter if you need it. I'll try to bring it tommorow.

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We went clubbing and had a great time. Of course, there's nothing quite like hanging out in a club filled with skanky whores. Still very fun.

I have a port on my lappie- feel free to come by the booth and download/upload. . .

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Poor Richard! I guess you sat at home and programmed games instead. [crying]

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