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Feel the burn

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Unfortunately I seem to have burned out working on Escalation so much. Basically the game needs to re-written and I don't really feel like doing it.

When I started the project, it was supposed to be a simple game based on the Doom map format. Similar to Glow or even BaboViolent 2, but feature creep crept in and now it's just Doom, but top-down. So I'm taking a break for a few weeks to decide what the hell I'm doing.

I know I'm really f****** bad at never finishing a damn thing, sorry. When I started programming, remaking Doom or just making something similar was my dream(yeah not another god damn MMORPG) and I'm so close but can't quite seem to get there.
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I can symapathise. I just recently dumped my Mario clone, to much very kindly meant wailing and teeth gnashing by the people nice enough to post in my journal. It's hard staying motivated on a project you are working on alone.

Hopefully the break will do the trick and you'll get back into this project. I'd certainly like to see it playable, but hell, when a project has to go, it has to go.

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Good decision on the break. Whenever I feel a sudden passionate urge to scrap a project I've been working on, I just toss it on the backburner and take some deep breaths for a week or two. Then, when I come back, I have a clearer mind and make a more rational decision other than "scrap it". This might mean rewriting the game into something smaller and more manageable, it might mean filling in remaining content and just releasing the darn thing, or it really just might mean I've got to drop it altogether. Whichever your decision is, I agree that it will definitely be more informed once you've taken some time to step back and examine the project's situation.

As always, best of luck irregardless of how things go.

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Hey, burning out is alright. Take a break, fix it a few pieces at a time, and work your way up.

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