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Final rain effect....behold

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Ok well I finished this up on friday & I have a video of it as promised...

Click here to download 24MB MPEG video of rain effect

Here are a bunch of screen grabs showing different parts of the video...it looks better in motion, so click this picture, watch the vid, and let me know what you think!

Here is a better resolution image [that wasn't taken from the video]...showing the lightning, and rain particles.

I ended up using a few layers of rain particles, they might be a tad hard to see on the video due to compression, but I use 2 scrolling layers of rain particles pre-rendered into a texture. I also spawn about 1200 dynamic rain particles around the camera. The effect is a nice thick sheet of rain, and it's not too bad performance wise, actually no FPS difference here because I'm re-using the same reflection texture for the river/ocean water with a offset.

The sky is rendered in 4 layers...
- The sky color texture applied to a skydome.
- The normal sky clouds placed around the skydome.
- A set of 3 scrolling "rain cloud" textures applied to a extra skydome, and faded in/out.
- 8 rotating sets of "lightning" clouds.

Here is a image showing the "lightning clouds" in relation to the skydome inside the model editor...

And, don't get too excited about the lightning it's a static texture...I was planning on generating the lighting dynamically using axial billboards, random branching, etc. it probably would have taken hours to code up, and wouldn't look as good as this texture does since it's only visible for a split second.

Also, I didn't go all the way with animated/dynamic water ripple textures. I didn't have time to add a animated water splash for particles when they hit the world That would probably make things look even better and will most likely be added in the next few days.

Other than that, there are about 8-9 different parts to this rain effect that get faded in/out. Well I'm happy with the way it came out. Any comments on the video would be appreciated.

- Dan
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You have outdone yourself again, incredibly awesome! It definitely feels like rain. The only thing that would make it even cooler would be some higher specularity (wetness) textures on cars and clothes.

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Ah, that crossed my mind for a second early on, but I bet adding a random wetness/reflection texture onto the actors would help a lot. The vehicles look pretty reflective already...I can increase it even more.

Glad you like how it's lookin' [grin]

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awsome looking! I would be happy if the lightning would stay visible for a tiny bit longer though, but maybe thats only an issue in the video.

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This looks excellent -- you really managed to capture the atmosphere of a 'dark rainy storm in the city' with what you've got there. And even though the lightning IS static, I've got to say that it still looks killer. [smile]

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Great video, but one thing shocked me: the footsteps sounds. They really kill the otherwise nice atmosphere.. they don't sound like you're walking/running on a wet road.

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Great looking atmosphere. I think the music from the radio player helped the mood too. Is rain going to do anything functional, like decrease vehicles' grip on the road or anything?

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Some good suggestions guys!

So far I've got -

- Decrease friction on road surface
- Different footstep sounds
- Add splash texture when rain drops hit world
- Add wetness / reflective texture on actors.
- Fade lightning over ~3 frames.

It shouldn't take too long to add all that stuff. The hardest part will be getting a good splash texture for when the raindrops hit the ground. Thanks for the comments.

- Dan

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From all those, I'd have to go with the footsteps, they really sound "off". Could you perhaps lower the volume in general? Other than that: excellent!

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Must say it's looking great! What scheme do you stop it from raining inside the buildings? :)

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Guest Anonymous Poster


Looks awesome. About the footstep sounds, it sounds like he's wearing high heels. ^_^

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Thanks for the comments guys...Yea, Imma re-work those footstep sounds :-D

Also regarding the rain inside a building, the game uses a tile based system so I can pre-compute say for instance 100 rain hit positions on each tile, and then when I spawna rain drop over that tile, I randomly choose one of the spawn positions since I know where the rain will collide with the world. [I just have to translate + rotate the positions to the tile's orientation.

I don't think there are any situations where the distant rain billboards would be visible inside.

- Dan

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