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Yes, it's the 2007 Grand Glorious Graft Grab, and here's the final haul for your humble reporter. . .

  • Three nice Wizards of the Coast chrome travel-mug
  • One SecuredApp plastic beer mug
  • Two rubber human hearts labeled "Mortal Kombat"
  • Two Magic:The Gathering "Core Game" starter sets
  • Two aluminum business card cases from Premier Search Inc.
  • Deck of playing cards from IGT, Inc.
  • Notepads from Disney and Maxon
  • Pack of mints from Disney
  • Package of jellybeans from WP Network
  • Go Pets lapel pin
  • Three drink-cozeys from IBM
  • Tiny USB-powered desk lamp from IBM
  • Two pairs of dice from Foundation9
  • Fold up frisbee from Radical Entertainment
  • iPod/cellphone holster from DeVry University
  • Balsa glider from Perforce
  • Three styrofoam gliders from RAD Game Tools
  • Two liquid-filled balls (that Maggie insists are eyebells but remind me more of breast implants) from EA Games
  • Roach-clip business card thingy from Wizards of the Coast
  • Three GoPets cellphone dongle-screen-cleaners
  • Cellphone condom (I have no idea)
  • 30 Days credit at ToonTown Online
  • Two poker chip keychains from IGT
  • Chocolate covered coffee beans from FullSail
  • More cellphone dongle-screen-wipers from ETRI.re.kr
  • Sweatband from High Moon Studios
  • Steel ball puzzle from Cryptic
  • Lip Balm from DRMNetworks
  • Egg full of silly putty from CrankyPants games
  • USB memory card reader from S3
  • Google Socks (really)
  • Cute little rubber robot-guy from THX
  • Rubber slot machine from IGT
  • Nerf rocket launcher from SlickEdit
  • Rubber spider-launcher from SlickEdit
  • Keychain from pogo.com
  • Two little rocketship keychains with blinky lights
  • Mini Magic 8-Ball
  • Two blinky necklaces from Motorola
  • Four lapel pins from Autodesk (showing the icons for their respective products)
  • 2007 calendar from Animation Magazine
  • Playstation Cellphone-Handle
  • Chocolate Cake from RealArcade
  • About 20 pens, some with blinky-lights

Remember folks. Where there is free stuff to be grabbed, Gamedev will be there to grab it. See you next year, folks!
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Recommended Comments

I didn't walk away with a single piece of swag this year. Well, I did get a new GarageGames pin.


I guess it all seemed old to me finally - that and the fact that if I was in the Expo it was either at our kiosk, the GG booth, or the IGF pavilion. I walked through the career fair but it was all the same stuff - pens, mug holders, sweatbands...

Oh well always next year

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