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Another Usual Day

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Day in, day out. Another usual day for Mike. Well, it was pretty good, but nothing special. I woke up and my RAM had come. Sweet sweet RAM. I installed it and ran memtest86. Thankfully there were no errors in the module. After that I did some sitting, then some eating, then some more sitting.

After the extensive lounging around, my buddies and I discussed our mead brewing plans. mmmm...mead. Yeah, we do odd things. Most of 'em fall through, but only after we've tried them a few times (like making maille, smithing).

I did actually get some work done on the engine. It's shaping up nicely.

The End.

Edit: After reading this I discovered how crappy the entry was. I will leave it as a reminder that caffeine is not a complete substitute for sleep.
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