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Prinz Eugn


Can you believe those Adult Swim douchebags changed the lineup again?

Ok, today was a Saturday, so I decided to screw around a little bit by seeing if I could make a possible new feature for the game work.

It started the other day when Sir Sapo and I were talking and exchanging YouTube links, and we ended up watching old newsreels, which it turns out are hilarious. There's nothing like hearing the classic narrator guy say "and in Japan, america's stronghold in the pacific, the busy commies were at it again..."
>Here's that one(1:25)

Anyway, so I decided to see if I could record a reasonable facsimile of an old-timey newsreel voiceover, so I call upon you to see if I've succeeded: Newsradio1.wav(6.3 MB)

Regardless, the voice is fun to do.


In addition to messing around with Audacity, I put together some videos which I had taken before IOTD with some slight editing, although it makes me very sad that I was unable to get Fraps to record sound off of my computer, so they, um, don't have any. M SRY :(
Here they are, in Zips because our FTP server doesn't like .WMV's:

Incinergel.zip(1.58 MB)
KremlinLasers.zip(1.25 MB)
SAMs.zip(1.73 MB)

Ok, that's pretty much it, but those videos are pretty neato, and show you some of what the engine can do now.
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I wouldn't say the news voice is spot-on, but it's definitely close. I love it! Excellent job on keeping the words short, almost clipped.

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