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Vista a few days in...

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So, Vista... if you hadn't already guessed I love it, I really do, the look and feel of the OS is great in general; it's been fast and responsive and generally a joy to use.

However, in the last 24h I've found my first problem; Windows Mobile Device Center.

Well, to be a bit more precise the x64 Mobile Device interop stuff in general.

When I first installed Vista I plugged my phone in and it decided right away it knew what it was and lo! I could view the content of the onboard memory and memory card like it was a folder on any other device on the system and I was suitably impressed; I recall MS making a bit of noise about how Vista would be interoperating with mobile stuff and it seemed to be living up to it's promise.

Until now, at which point I'm happy to declare the x64 MDC and Windows Mobile 5 linkage the buggest wonkest pos MS have put out in a while. This is a real shame because I've liked Vista thus far, however having been trying for the past few hours to debug this and get it working I'm a tad frustrated.

You see, if I plug my WM2003 device into the machine then in a matter of seconds it connects and I've got all manner of options open to me. If I plug the WM5 device into the machine however at best we get nothing and at worse we get 'this device has malfunctioned' pop-up and we are going no were fast; and by 'no where' I mean 'we no longer have the ability to shutdown cleanly' as it seems to toast the whole USB subsystem and prevent it from shutting down or indeed connecting to new devices.

Now, if it was just buggy drivers I could understand, however the fact that I've had it connect 3 times is just strange in it's self but not as strange as my next discovery; You see, I've got WinXP x64, Vista Business x86 and Vista Business x64 installed on this machine, so to check I'm not going insane I reboot into the x86 Vista and plug in the phone... a matter of seconds later it's connect with no trouble at all and we have the same options my WM03 phone has.

This is just poor, there is no way this driver should be this bad in x64 or indeed be able to prevent the machine from shutting down. It also worries me slightly, because with the x86 version working it looks like, yet again, x64 is a second class citizen in the MS world, at least for the time being, and given the amount of x64 processors out there and the general move in that direction I find this slightly worrying.

So, what to do, what to do.. for now I think I'm going to have to forget using my phone in x64, which is annoying, and do my sync from Vista x86, until I can find someone to shout at about just how poor this is.

I like x64, I like having the 4gig of ram, I like how the OS works and I like Vista, it's just a shame something like this had to go and spoil the package really..

oh well, looking forward to the next version of windows, maybe that one will work properly on launch, for now, I need to find someone to shout at...
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Nice to see Windows Mobile development has regressed back to the comedy of eMbedded Visual C++.

"Now with more random lockups of the linker!"

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