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Doobie Doo

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Been working on collision detection these past couple of days. I'm thinking maybe a bounding sphere test followed by an AABB tree for greater accuracy. I have basic AABB up and running now (technically just BB, because I don't do much rotation) which is working ok, but it needs to be revamped.


Started work on the GenericParticleSystem class, which is basically a 'super' class for my particle management. In my old KEngine I had a nice particle emitter based on this principle, loading an saving of particle files from disk, allowing me to build basic systems outside of the game. The last version of MX was more simple, having the particle particle effects hard-coded; it was faster, but meant I had to code an entirely new effect from the ground up. Pooh. So now I'm thinking throw away the canned effects and have a configurable system. It may be slower, but the flexibility will be worth it.

Display Lists // Vertex Arrays

Now's the time to ween myself off OpenGL's Immediate Mode teat and get into the real world of 3D graphics. Using immediate mode is kicking my performance to the ground, so I have to start thinking of nice ways to use VBOs, Vertex Arrays and Display lists more.

Fixed Time Stepping

I've read, re-read and finally digested the Flipcode article on fixed time stepping, as well as VertexNormal's excellent companion guide (thanks once again, VertexNormal [smile]). I feel confident that I can make the changes needed to throw a fixed time step into my code. Being that I'll gut the particle system rendering and updating for the genric emitter class, it seems a perfect time to throw in a fixed timestep. But GAH, all those 'old' positions needing to be stored [rolleyes].


I've started up a SVN repository on my system. It's not the ideal setup, with the repository being on the same system as the development, but I'll shift it across to the crappy old box when I get round to fixing it up. It's going to take a while to remember to commit changes and all that crap, we're not just saving here - we're creating restore points.

Graphics Cards

I'm embarrassed to say that I'm still using a 4/5 year old Geforce 2 MX card, yes - we're talking one step above Voodoo here - pah! I'm looking at new cards to see which one I would like, I'm currently eyeing a Geforce FX 5700 Pro - but I know jack about graphics cards. It'd be nice if someone could offer a comment or two to help me along?

Yay, work.
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