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More Journal Headers!

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Trapper Zoid


I'm back and getting back into things. I've had to change desks due to the storm damage and my computer has been locked up for insurance purposes, so I've been having to deal with the admin of getting a new desk and computer for the meantime. However given all my stuff is at home right now and there's all the issue with contractors fixing the gaping holes when the sunlights used to be I think I'll be working from home more often than not. Most of the other affected grad students seem to be doing likewise, so I doubt I'm alone.

I was planning on working a bit on my trip back to Melbourne, but I ended up spending most of my time reading webcomics. Accursed Internet! Now I'm back and everything is settling back into some semblence of a normal routine I'm going to make up for lost time. The projects are all stacking up and I've got lots to do. And lots to report about.

Firstly, as I'm sure you've noticed I've finally put a header table of projects in my journal. I'm not sure exactly what I'll end up storing in there but I'll experiment until I find the right mix of stuff. Right now it's just a list of all the game related projects I'm working on, combined with interesting tidbits such as books and games I'm working my way through.

Secondly, as you might deduce from the list of games I've played, I've also finally got my Wii console up from Melbourne. It's now replaced my Gamecube and serving as a great way to break up work from the computer with a quick game of Wii Tennis. I've also got a copy of Zelda: Twilight Princess that I've had on my shelf for ages, but I can't open that until Sunday afteroon, the one time where I can guilt-free play a game for more than a couple of hours.

Thirdly, I've listed most of the projects I'm currently considering active. Given it's been a while since I've described these I'll give a quick description:
  • Project Genesis: My codename for all the general items about my goal to become an indie developer, which I'm becoming a lot more serious about. I'm not sure I've discussed this for a while, but it's been ongoing for the last year or two. Business related learning is eating up a lot of my time now, as I'm realising it's a far more important topic than most gamedevvers seem to know. As a learning exercise I'm summarising all I'm reading combined with my own opinions into a business article, which I hope to post up here in a week or two.
  • Project Diagonal Mark Aleph: Diagonal is the name I'm giving the generic set of game libraries I'm cobbling together and hoping to reuse time and time again. "Mark Aleph" is the code name for the first prototype version, Aleph being the first letter in the Phoenician alphabet. At present I'm sifting through all the notes I've written on engines and libraries over the last year and trying to come up with a shortlist of what I really need in a 2D game system. Then I'm going to nail down the architecture and interfaces and start building that sucker using existing code where possible. This system might end up just being an interface to existing third party libraries, but I'd like my own interface so I can easily chop and change at a later date.
  • Project Penguin: a.k.a. "Ice Slider", the game I'm meant to be working on. This is presently on hold until I get Diagonal up and running. While the game is fairly complete it was starting to creak at the seams due to some sloppy engine design. I've redesignated the project as a test case for Diagonal Mark Aleph.
  • Other Stuff: I'm still working on music for Stompy - been a bit slack in coding that up. I'm also working on my cartooning a lot, hopefully for another project in the near future. Plus I'm also working on all my graduate studies and lots of other things that don't have a game focus which I may add up there later.

I'm trying to reach milestones for all these projects by Easter, which is coming up very quickly. The main challenge is juggling all these projects at the same time in the limited amount of time I have around my grad studies.

Further updates later in the week.
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Original post by Sir Sapo
I can't see the text inside your new headers, it seems to be white.

Same here. I'm using the black gdnet theme if that makes any difference.

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Damn. I thought I'd fixed that problem by including the white GDNet theme as well as my own. I'll see if I can fix it.

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