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All X and no Y makes Jack a dull guy...

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Been up to a lot of work lately -- none of it on the game development front however. School has been busy, and with the end of the term rapidly approaching, I've been hauling some arse in finding myself a co-op placement for the next term. Hopefully by this time next week I'll be able to hit the gamedev properly and get Membrane Massacre finally released. I apologize for the lateness in getting this game out the door.


Or townhouse, perhaps. Me and two other friends living on my floor are going to be living together in the Fall. After some last-minute house hunting we found a really nice townhouse for a good price, for which we'll be signing the lease papers tomorrow. I can't wait to be out of this tiny residence room and to be free of the terrible cafeteria food! [smile]


I have two interviews arranged so far, with my first one today, and my other next week. I'm really happy with how today's went -- I'm confident that I made a good impression. The job isn't even really programming; more like hauling carts of laptops around and providing technical support. Still, it beats the pants off of not working at all. In fact, the main reason I chose to do co-op was so that I could pay for the subsequent terms.


Draffurd has completed and sent to me all of the tracks for Membrane Massacre, which sound ridiculously amazing. The game is going to feel and sound so much better with his added musical touch. All that remains is to implement an interface via FMOD, and then we can listen to some rockin' beats while we massacre those pesky membranes.


I've begun work on my first 'real' game development article: "2D Game Development with OpenGL". I've noticed that a lot of the same questions come up with users from a SDL/Allegro/DirectDraw background that are interested in jumping into OpenGL for their future 2D games, and have found no shortage of struggling. I plan on covering everything from initialization, to alpha testing (for colour masks), to fonts, to using the z-buffer to layer sprites. I haven't seen any existing articles that quite cover this particular topic, so hopefully this ambitious article will be a valuable resource to developers looking to migrate to OpenGL.
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An article on 2D with OpenGL would be very appreciated.

I'm planning on doing some articles for the PI site to build a game from the ground up (I don't think the racing example is going very far), but obviously that's partly documentation and advertising.

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I always wanted to make a 2D with OGL article or tutorial, but every attempt I've made ended with just a few extrememly specific articles with no main goal in sight. Hope you have more luck with yours, looking forward to reading it!

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The article sounds great. When you say it will cover initialization I take it that includes window creation, what library / API will you be using for this - Win32 or something along the lines of SDL?

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Original post by FunLogic
When you say it will cover initialization I take it that includes window creation, what library / API will you be using for this - Win32 or something along the lines of SDL?

Yes, I forgot to mention that I'll be using SDL for window management and input. D'oh. [smile]

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