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So I went and saw "300" last night. It was pretty damn awesome in an unapologetic war-movie sort of way. I think my friend Andy put it best: "That movie touched me in all my man parts." Meaning, you know, that it pushed the right buttons. Not that the movie molested him. At least I hope thats what he meant.

In any case, it's hard not to like a movie where the heroes build a wall out of corpses.

For the most part they got the core of what being a Spartan was all about right (killing!), but for some reason the Spartan's kept droning on and on about how they were fighting for freedom. What freedom? I'm not a historian, but I really doubt the Spartan's were big on the whole freedom thing. The main characters wouldn't shut up about it though.

That wouldn't have been too bad, but every once in a while they threw in horribly cliched freedom-phrases like "freedom isn't free". Ugh. If you're ever tempted to say that, don't. I will hunt you down and charge you a buck fifty.
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Freedom™ actually charges between two and three hundred dollars per bottle.

Freedom™ is not meant to be taken orally or rectally. Do not use Freedom™ before operating a motor vehicle, national government or civil defense program. The use of Freedom™ in patients suffering from acute jingoism is not advised.

Ask your doctor if Freedom™ is right for you.

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