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I worked around the GUI problems by defining all GUIs as staying loaded, until a special "clear all GUIs" function is called. It's not ideal, but as long as I don't have many different GUIs, I'm OK.

I added the beginnings of a runtime statistics system (status probes). You declare a probe with a name and a data type as a global/static, and then add samples to this probe. The probe system will log these samples, or collect statistics of various kinds (bucketize, average, or whatnot). This will be useful for reports.

I am now using my own Etwork library for networking. When starting up, the program can optionally start either the client, or the server, or both (with the server in a separate thread). This makes debugging easier. Right now, the server just receives packets and throws them away, but I have the path from login dialog to actual network connection (and then timeout and logout back to the main screen) working. Using state machines, LUA scripts, and CEGUI GUIs. Yay!

Next time, I'll likely attempt to integrate the threaded SQLITE C++ wrapper I created for another sample project last year. That'll be useful for the server.
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