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The new NeHe SDK

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For those of you interested in the new upcoming SDK from the NeHe group, to replace my old NeHe SDK, here are some screenshots [grin]

Basic texturing (note, the art was done by other members of the NeHe group):
Basic texturing image

Multi-texturing image

Particle system:
Particle System image

OBJ file loader:
OBJ file loading image

The other big difference is that the new SDK works under linux & MacOSX as well as Windows.
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Recommended Comments

Original post by Ravuya
I love that font in the particle program. [grin]

It's "ScreenGem" by Ray Larabie, the guy who did the font for the GTA games.

Original post by Emmanuel Deloget
FPS: 2222. By Gosh.

What kind of screen allows 2222 FPS? [smile]

My LCD says it's refreshing at only 75Hz, but I never believed it!

Seriously, maybe I should stick a "Wait for Refresh" flag in there somewhere.

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Wow, great FPS! Would you mind telling me which video card you're using? I only get 1100+ FPS on a clear screen on a Radeon 9600 XT, so i really gotta know...

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This is running on a P4 3.2GHz with 2Gb ram and an nVidia Geforce 6800GT

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