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Vista x64 and WMDC take 2

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So, my phone was getting low on power so I decided to risk my USB subsystem and plug my phone in to recharge it.

There was the required noises of device connecting and drivers being loaded and then something happened.. something different... the 'connecting' dialogue appeared on the screen of the phone [wow]

A few moments passed and lo the phone was connected to the computer and WMDC was all setup for it. A partnership was setup, things were sync'd and it all seemed to work...

At this point I unplugged it again, waited a moment and plugged it back in and it worked perfectly again!

I still don't know why it works, which is a bit 'hmmmm...' however it does, and frankly if it was because my machine pulled down an update from MS to make it work then fantasic, that's another great thing about Vista [grin]

Still, for now I'm happy my phone connects to my pc again [smile]

However, my day got better from there; I finally paid attention to the emails which turned up between me leaving for college and now and there was one waiting for me from MS. Let me explain why this is good;

On the Vista UK launch event day there was a competition to win a copy of Vista Ultimate and/or Office 2007. The competion was entered by yours truely and the waiting began.

When the competition hit it's offical end date in Feb 19th everyone who entered waited for word of the emails being sent out to confirm winners. The waiting lasted about 2 weeks as I recall and then the blog post went up confirming they had gone out. And so the chaos started...

You see, it transpired that if you had your preferences for MS's site set to 'do not contact me via email' set your winning notification got screened out and never sent. To be honest, I've no complaints about that, I can see why MS would have one system to handle it; still it was a tad bothersome for those of us who had entered quickly and not got an email [grin]

After some back and forth it was agreed that MS would release the names and towns of those who won to anyone who requested it; thus I did.

Fast forward to today; email turned up... attachment was in PDF, so after a quick mutter about MS using pdfs I installed a read an began my scroll down the names.

and lo! There was someone with the same name as myself from my town.. soooo unless someone with the same name as me living in my town entered the contest and won I think we can say I'm pretty much certain to be getting a free copy of Vista Ultimate in the next few weeks... huzzah!

Not that I'll be using it, heh, it's been reserved for the new machine I'm specing in my head (quadcore, 8gig ram, something stupidly powerful for a gfx card, a couple of Tb harddrives.. ya know, something small [grin]).

With 50mins left I'm not sure how today can get any better [grin]

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