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Yes, I'm still alive. Sorry it's been so long; been spending a lot of time working and hanging out with my gf.

First off, pics of the new me:

(Yes, I know I need a tan :P.)

Now, onto the good stuff. I'm working on a new project for a contest entry. It's going to be a top-down shooter (more like console RPG look than top-down) about zombies, werewolves, vampires, evil scientists, and government secrets. That's it; the rest is just you killing said things.

The game will take place over ~40 levels using a password system (no game saves.) Each level will be pretty forward; you're to rescue as many civilians as you can and then move on (out of 10 civilians.) I'll pack in some bonus levels and such.

Weapons I've got in mind are pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, tazer stick, rocket launcher, and grenades.

I'm thinking of packing in a survival mode. One huge level with a ton of monster spawn points and you have to rescue as many civilians and stay alive as long as possible. Rescuing civilians will heal you and eventually drop different weapons (you'll have unlimited ammo.)

I've got some mockups done for the main menu and the in-game GUI (no in-game mockups yet. The view will look similar to what's in the bottom screenshot though):

(The white 999 is the ammo count, weapon silhouette will be to the right of that, the red numbers are your score, and the red bar to the left is the health bar.)

RpgDE is coming along nicely, but I don't have anything to show for it now, so hopefully next time.

I need a new design for my site. I just want something that looks professional.

I'll update on Project Invasion (the contest entry) as often as possible. I'm taking a short break on RpgDE because I've been working a LOT on it.
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