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GDC Post-Coverage - Days 2 & 3

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Man I don't know what the hell it is, but writing up coverage on this year's sessions and posting up pictures felt like such a drag this year. My theory though is that I'm just not used to having to do all this when I'm home. Usually I have like, just Friday's coverage to post up when I get home, not Wed-Fri! So because of this I may just be getting stressed out feeling that I'm like, slacking off in my coverage or something, which really isn't the case (as I'll explain tomorrow in my usual GDC postmortem) but I guess I couldn't keep that from creeping into my head.

Regardless, I'm finally done now, although I am still a bit disappointed in some things, namely the fact that I had to post the GDCA pics as a gallery this year rather than as part of the coverage article, but I'm not going to bother ranting specifically as to why - I'm too tired at this point. Hurrah for 8 hours sleep the past two days.

Now that my coverage is all done, I can finally turn to this stack of business cards I collected and start working my way towards the bottom. I've already handled some people, but I still have about 40-50 people to send emails too - a lot of whom I'll be sending pics to as well. I like idea of handing out the pics I took of people at the conference for them to use on their web pages. Of course I ask that they include a (c)GameDev.net caption, and before I send out any more I'm actually going to include a small GDNet watermark in one of the lower image corners as well. Just another way to get our name out there.

So here's the final wrap-up:

I should probably go to sleep - but I can rest when I'm dead. Or this weekend...
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