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Scandinavia invades Game Developers' Conference

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I just got home from GDC! Well, kinda. The flight was on sunday and I got home on tuesday. >_< Did get to bicycle over Golden Gate Bridge though! Awesome day.

The SGA Ninhas strikes the Golden Gate Bridge!

GDC was extremely hectic. We at SGA had a small demo station in the Nordic Game Pavilion which was a lot of fun! We met sooo many people! But I had to stay there a lot so I didn't get to see much of the exhibition or sessions. I did get to see some stuff though! Even saw some famous (drunk) people...

Ladies and gentlemen, Tom Hall.

I also got the opportunity to tell my Subway Story* to the person responsible, Keiichi Yano.

Me with Keiichi Yano (creator of Elite Beat Agents!!) and his assistant..

The Subway Story
On a late night out I decided to play some Elite Beat Agents on the subway. I've beaten the hard level so I was on the hardest; Hard ROCK! with the Elite Beat Divas (lightly dressed female cheerleaders). Completely concentrated on pressing the dots, and failing miserably because I was drunk, I didn't notice the girl in front of me that was actually hanging over my DS untill she actually blocked my sight. When I looked up she stared at me with big eyes and said: "Are you -touching- those girls?!". I felt pretty perverted...
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