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Oh the pain of being burnt out... :(

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I finally did some coding for the first time in a LONG time a few months probably. I am moving to SDL from win32, as I am also looking at wxWidgets for my mapeditor. I have Vista and the problem is the free .net 2005 compiler doesn't support MFC and MS doesn't have the new compiler out yet. So I have no interest in paying for 2005 when 2007 or whatever they are going to call it should be out soon. I installed my VC++ .net 2003 edition and works fine with Vista so far. The other problem is SupCom has killed my drive to finish my RTS game engine!! :( It's like how can it get any better than this. But I am still looking at finishing it up just to have something I can say I made this. I hope to get back into coding on a daily basis again soon. Later
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