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Mandatory Progress Update

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Everyone likes physics, don't they? Yes, yes they do.


SHilbert and DukeAtreides076 have helped me all week trying to get rotational "friction" and "inertia" going on the spaceships in Novarunner. Now they actually feel like they have mass and influence, and faster ships definitely feel more nimble.

However, right now they don't really feel easy to pilot, so I'll have to be spending some time tightening that up.

I also bolted on some new backend (environment variables) as well as a prototypical console that works a hell of a lot better than Glow's did for debugging, modifying and interrogating the game-state.


Not much else going on right now. I have big assignments and just got finished a harsh bank of midterms. Tomorrow might reveal some nice new features, but it seems unlikely.

Holy hell. It's 2:30 am. The Australians can have it. I'm going to bed.
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