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I'm moving a lot !

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Well, I'm moving, at least.

Right now, I'm in Paris, in a hotel near the Charles de Gaule airport, drinking a green tea. I'm planning to visit Paris a bit (the Quai Branly museum, and maybe the Chagal expo in the Musee en Herbe) and to meet the most beautiful creature in the whole world (I hope she doesn't read that; I try to not give here the impression that I like her a lot).

Then, next week I'll have to go to Los Angeles - for my work this time. I'll try to take at least one photo o the giant Hollywood letters (don't know why... maybe because it's like, linked to movies I really enjoyed a lot). I will stay there one full week, so if there is any crazy GDNeter who lives there, I'd be happy to meet him/her.

After that, I have to meet a guy I worked with last year - in Germany, not very far from Stuttgart where I live (when I'm not in Marseille, I mean).

So I'm happy: now, I'm teh international working guy!
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