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My life at the Charles de Gaule airport's Novotel

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Emmanuel Deloget


This is a week of change - Something like "Oh, geez, it seems that finally, I grew up!". I still read comics and watch dumb movies (seen "Ghost Rider"? No? Don't go then. It's a pure waste of time - some part of it are really ridiculous, and the special effects are not that great), but I grow up.

Now that I said something you really don't care about (don't you), let's speak about gdnet.

I am pretty proud of the News Team. For some weeks now, we found nice news for you, an you routinely get 3 or more newss per day - so I believe it's quite good. Of course, we still have some work to do - you always need more news, perhaps about related subject (business oriented news? hardware? please, tell us!). Furthermore, we are planning different features that will interest you (hoppefully), but if you have any idea, don't wait - give it to us!

On the programming/writing side, I didn't do much this week-end (lots of things to do). I began the part 2 of my XNA introduction for my blog (I'm planning to translate part 1 sometimes in the near future) - it deals with the structure of any XNA game or program (not counting libraries) and presents the main game loop. You must recall that not all of my readers are game developpers, so that's more an introduction than a real game programming article.

I added some bits of info to "SOMETHING" - I will post another excerpt soon.

The most beatiful woman in the world is now supposed to come in a few minutes. Maybe one hour (or two. You never know with women), so I guess I'm going to stop here, put a suit, a tie, wash my hair and my teeth, and find this damn perfume bottle that shouldn't be very far (order of actions has still to be std::sort'ed).
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