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Evil Steve


My hifi died, so I got a fancy new one. It would only play half of a CD, and when it got about a quarter of the way through, it started getting progressively more and more distorted - I guess the motor wasn't spinning at the right speed, or the track the laser was on was sticking or something.
Anyway, my new hifi can play MP3 CDs, MP3 players (Through a USB slot), and SD cards. How exciting. Unfortunately, it does the exact same thing with normal CDs >_<
I don't think it's my CDs, since they all used to work. I'll try them in my PC and see what happens, and in my flatmates CD player. Of course, I bought the hifi in Edinburgh, so I'll have to go back through with it in order to return it. UGH. And, the CD doesn't even spin up half the time. I think the CD bit is fucked somehow, or my CDs are bent or something. I dunno. I'll try MP3 CDs too. If they work, I don't really care if normal CDs don't work.

In other news, I have sprites rendering in my engine (again). After spending a while trying to work out why the hell my triangles weren't rendering, and then discovering that 1) they were getting backface culled, 2) my matrix class had a bug in the SetToPerspective() function, and 3) they were upside-down.
So it works, and I'm happy. I need to get my texture atlasing code working next, that should be pretty straightforwards.

I'm going to make the engine code so that an ETexture could be a full texture, or a reference to a part of a texture atlas. The game code shouldn't need to know what it is really. Dynamic and wrapping textures can be created by passing a flag at creation, and they can get their own surfaces.

Anyway, I'm bored typing now. Lunch / code time...
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