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Of Mice and Wingmen

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I started this thread in the Game Design forum to get feedback on one of the areas in Manta-X I liked, but was undecided upon. It's looking more and more like I'll implement the Wingman concept, meaning I'm going to have to rethink some key aspects of the story to involve character depth and interaction rather than just straight game level story. Please stop by the thread, write here or PM me if you have any feedback on my ideas for the game, it's much appreciated [smile].

I'm liking the idea of this though and it's keeping me sufficiently motivated on the project. Once I get the finer points of the game internals works (moving out of IM mode, finishing the GUI and such) I can really go headlong into the story and game.

It all seems within reach, not being overly advanced yet still remaining enough of a challenge to keep me occupied. I'm glad I scrapped the 'engine' mentality, I'm working on the game now and it's really where it's all at ;)
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