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Well I'm back to work on Escalation. Yep it didn't die. Getting MD2 weapons to work was a bitch, but I finally got it. Part of the problem was that each model has a certain scale, but when the players weapon is rendered it has to use the players model scale. All it really needed was a couple extra lines in the batching code to detect when it renders the player, I just couldn't think of it before.

Most of the code hasn't changed, however I got rid of the ZDoom style actor scripts, I've always hated them. Now each actor has it's own source file and is hard-coded. They take longer to make, but it's a lot cleaner.

I'm also thinking of changing the style from futuristic to Medieval. Maybe I've been playing too much Mageslayer, but I think it's better then trying to turn a first person game to top-down.
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Good to have you back!

Medieval, would that entail swordplay? Because if so, you best be crackin' out the blood sprites...

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Please, it's not a game until it has excessive violence and gore.

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What does the @ represent?



P.S. Glad you're back. You rule!

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The + and @ would eventually be replaced with icons for health and armour in the font texture. I was just testing it out.

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