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hay d00dz...

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I painted this for Art AP, with paint. It was crazy! I was trying to press undo most of the time, and I couldn't, but at least the it turned out kinda cool.

I call it "Spaceship Exploding"

It's of a spaceship exploding, but I'll leave that open to interpretation.


... I mean, uh, comments?

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you have a very interesting style for air/spacecraft... much more organic than I usually see, but still very cool.

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I never really meant them to be so organic-looking, but I hear that from a lot of people.

Well, I can also do more artificial looking designs that look more like battleships, but I the perspective is pretty annoying to do with all the straight lines. With this style, it's so easy to wing it and get a good result

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It's open for interpretation?

Well, I'd say it looks liek an exploding spaceship. But I'm not very good at art, so I can't say much more [smile]

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