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Heat Blur, Gibs, Explosions, etc. etc.

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I've spent the last two days working on adding decent explosions into the game...Actors get gibbed and body parts go flying, same with vehicles it's looking awesome, but I'm not going to spill the beans just yet :-D. I'm still working on that...it's 6AM now I can't work anymore :-/ I'll finish it up tommorow as well as add a bunch more stuff.

I did manage to workout a nice little PS 1.4 heat blur effect based loosly on the old ATI caves demo. There can be some slight artifacts sometimes but for it's simplicity I'm happy.

Here's the result...

Ok I must admit that the flame looking effect in those screenshots is the result of re-using the old frames buffer, and the bloom effect together :-D
I wish my fire looked that good...but that's one thing I'm working on. It doens't look like that anymore...I don't have any new screens...it just looks like a sheet of plasma now [as it should].

Basically I use 2 scrolling distortion texture samples and a mask texture. It's a pretty basic effect...the red channel offsets the X, and the green channel offsets on the Y texcoords. I have to scale the values a lot inside the shader, by 0.04 to calm the effect down.

Here is a image showing the human gib models....they don't look that cool in this screenshot, but trust me in-game with blood flying everywhere they look just fine :-D And I'm going overboard with blood lol, think carmagedden times 10.. >:-D I also have ragdoll effects for when the explosion is pretty close but the person doesn't get gibbed.

For the vehicle explosions I already have the vehicles subdivided into about 20 groups so that makes breaking it up into gibs pretty easy. I only have 2 types of gibs ingame now...burning metal, and human body parts. I've got flames/fire on all the vehicle parts...once I add the heat blur and some high res explosions textures I just got....things will look great.

I will have a video, of this soon enough [grin]

On the gameplay front I've added shotcuts for the orders, as well as some other things. These next 2 days will be spent finishing up the order functionality, and I have some easy pathfinding fixed to implement among other things...

Also I created a cool globe type thing for the plazas...

Ok that's it for now.

- Dan
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Lovely. Blood and gore and heat blur. Good to know that you're still working on the gameplay. ;-)

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Can't have too much gore! =D Heat blur seems a bit strong though... and kinda cellophane-ish. I'd imagine it'd look much better in motion.

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That first pic remind me of Max Payne.

10x Carmagedden ? that sound nice... but I remember that in that game you will hear people scream all the time... horrible :)

Still going strong ! keep up.

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I've been away for like ten days. I am completely blown away how much cool stuff you've posted (and therefore cool progress made) in such a short time.

It is going to be really exciting to see this game get released and reviewed in conventional games press, having been able to get these almost daily views into the detail of its development.

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Thanks for the comments guys...being able to show my work-in-progress to other game developers certainly helps me a lot :-)

I'm curious how things would be different if I had to develop this game in a in a vacuum...I'd probably go crazy or start blowing things up in real life [grin].

Thanks again for taking the time to comment. Back to work I go...one day closer to a BETA version...

- Danny

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Hmmm, might I suggest blood splatter decals that are persistent until they get washed away by the rain? [grin]

That's probably a fairly unlikely thing that will just take up space, but everything is looking really good. During your posts I usually end up wishing I could steal your brain and use all your talent myself. [grin]

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If you're gonna have gib models, you should have soft deformable internal organs too. Think a nice slushy intestine that wraps around a pole or gets hooked on a car that drives over it and drags the body behind it.

Or... maybe not.

(sorry, feeling psycho today)

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Deformable organs...that'll be a main-stay in a few years. Hmmm intestine models...I should add one of those...with verlet rope physics as it goes flying outa the body :-D

Well I'm already having to make some compromises with the physics on gibs...looks like gib->gib collision detection is out though you can't really tell. Detection/reaction will be off on the world as well ['cept for ground plane]...sometimes Newton gets hung up and nearly freezes the game.

I also kill the physics and freeze the position after 4 seconds of activity for each gib...otherwise the FPS goes from ~400 down to ~30 real easily [yes at the lowest gfx settings I get 400 FPS]. Newton can be a CPU hog sometimes.

I do have blood decals already in-game so that's taken care of :-D

- Dan

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