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Warhammer 40,000k

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The Dawn of War Dark Crusade 1.2 Patch is out.

I'm not really active on GDNet anymore. There's several reasons really, but I'm not going into the why's and wherefores. So what am I doing instead?

In short, I'm playing a lot of Dawn of War: Dark Crusade and reading a hell of a lot of books. I'm also planning a story based on my own Manta-X universe. It's interesting as I was planning to be very science-based, but the use of the Immaterium (eg: Warp) in W40K really makes me think about things. Rather than ignoring the non-hardcore science ideas from various stories, it could be good to embrace some of them. Makes you think.

PS: Anyone fancy a game of Dark Crusade online? ;)
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I just ordered Dark Crusade and it should arrive in the mail next week. I've been really getting back into playing Winter Assault lately, and wanted to get the expansion pack.

I can play online once I get the game, although I'm not very good at it. I always play as Orks, always have, even in the tabletop game.

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Tau FTW!

Never played as anything else, tabletop or PC. I just got the game today though... so that may be short-lived. I'm up for a game sometime after I polish my skills.

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