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Moe work delayed.

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Alas, I have been distracted by the recent free trial of Auto Assault. I did some beta testing on it, so was pretty familiar with things. It's still a fun game, if imbalanced and kinda monotonous. Then again, vehicular destruction never really gets old so not a big deal.

The game though (from what I understand) has been mostly a failure. It's pretty easy to see. Despite being entertaining and novel, it's still a secondary sort of game. Something to enjoy when you're particularly itching for vehicular manslaughter, not something to waste your life away at. So why cater for and make the pricing scheme around the 'waste your life away' games?

I'm not going to spend $15/month for much of anything. If they had just priced it like Guild Wars they would've had a moderate success at least. A very small group of dedicated players mixed with a relatively small group of casual players on at any given time instead of an even smaller group of dedicated drivers...

It's so confounding given that Guild Wars came from the same place. Didn't they have first hand knowledge how much more effective flat pricing works?
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