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Daily Puzzle Number Ten (AKA Double Twelve) should go live tomorrow. As always, the last ten percent takes up half of the time. And given that I have a dozen little icons and menus and tables and playback applets and other things that need to be built, putting up a new daily puzzle is no longer a trivial process.

Double Twelve is definitely one of the easier games. It's pretty leisurely paced and is fairly easy to beat. Some folks don't wanna have their brains bent at 8:00 in the morning while they're sipping their coffee, so this should fit the bill.

Biggest new addition is a guest-account. The game-login screen will now have an button that'll let you play as a guest, which should make things a little nicer for folks who wanna try out the puzzles. Guests won't have their scores recorded and will get a different puzzle from the registered players (so you can't use the guest login to cheat), but it's otherwise the same.

So give it a try and let me know if it's all working. If the guest-login thing works, I'll retrofit it into all of the other puzzles.
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