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Happy cat has run out of happy

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I'm in a rut. A big rut. I've completely lost all motivation to either write or play any games whatsoever. Or read a book. Or watch a film. Or do pretty much anything. Bah.
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Then I would suggesting taking a week or so and not doing anything (if at all possible). Forcing yourself to do something you don't feel like doing will just make you loath it more, at least in my experience.

Take some time off and it'll wear off.

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I'll agree with those guys, just take a rest and relax.

Weather's looking sunny recently, perhaps it's time to go for a walk or meet some mates in a beer garden? :)

I can't wait for summer!

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"Too much work and no play, etc.". Chin up, man. Taking a (long) break often does it for me, and these guys seem to be with me on that ;-).

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