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Are you a bad enough Blocky dude?

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Round World lies ahead! Are you a bad enough Blocky Dude to stop Round World's evil plans?

It seems I made the Round World level too difficult. It will be toned down in the final release, so there is less randomness and things of that sort.

Speaking of difficulty, the game won't feature a hard mode, but I have thought of a way to add a sort of challenge mode to the game. One of the unlockable characters will be called "Blocky Dude", and will essentially be a cheap rip-off of Blocky Man. Blocky Dude will move slower, and his jumps will not reach as high, so the game will be more difficult when playing as him. On the other hand, you'll also be able to unlock Commander Awesome, who runs really fast and jumps really high. Finally, you can unlock Stompy, who is able to shoot enemies.

I have to actually program the shops first before implementing any of this.

I did start working on level transistions though:

Jumping on the button and raising the flag signifies the end of the level. In the final game, when the flag reaches the top, you're score and rank for the current level will be shown. You'll still be able to move around as Blocky Man while the score is being shown, but Blocky Man can't leave the screen at that point.

Anyways, I'll work more on all these things in the coming month, and maybe be able to release the game next month.
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Played through it again and managed to do a lot better. Moving backwards briefly when you see a ninja really helps. I also owned the boss after he beat me a few times (and I would say a few of those times were dubious defeats too)

On the boss sometimes I jumped on his head and he immediately jumped through my hurting me, it'd be cool if he bounced you away instead?

You might consider adding a little bit of tolerance when jumping on somethings head, say if you hit the top 20% of it it counts as it's quite frustrating when you seem to be only a pixel out :P

Pretty sweet though :)

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I'll make it so that if you jump on the bosses head, the boss will get pushed downward instead of continuing to rise. Also, I toned down the difficulty of the level, with less random ninja attacks.

Thanks for trying the demo!

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