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Domain Reservers Anonymous

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Hello, World. I'm Extrarius, and I'm a domain reserver. That's right - I get a "good idea" for a domain name and then register it, even though I know I'll never have time to work on the project (if I even have a project in mind).

For example, I recently made a joke to a friend about making reviews for movies/games/etc using RPG mechanics to explain the story. That led to me registering RollReviews.com for the purpose of creating such a review site. Then the friend remarked that everybody 'not in the know' would hear the name as "RoleReviews", so I registered RoleReviews.com too and made it redirect to the former site.

Another example came to me after I made a post in a forum (this one?) pointing out that an argument was about "BadWrongFun" - thus, BadWrongFun.com. I have no idea what project would fit with this domain, but there has to be something appropriate.

I also currently own:
Byerly.Name - Hosts a few email addresses
Extrarius.Name - I host a few files under this one
PsychoSanity.com - My first domain has a ton of small stuff all over the place
SkillHack.com - A parody of the "OMG H4X!" craze
InaneRavings.com - To be a 'truly anonymous forum' with light rules
YewDew.com - To be my personal 'Brand Name' should I ever finish anything

Oh, and of all these domains, not a single one uses any space or bandwidth on my web hosting. I'd really feel like my money was wasted if not for a few other sites I host. ClanDV.com doesn't use any more resources than my own domains, but defmacro.org (run by CoffeeMug) actually uses a tiny bit of the resources I'm alloted so my hosting gets a bit of use =-)
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