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Jetlag is for wimps

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Famous last words... but I don't believe in this 'jet lag' nonsense.

I've only done two transatlantic flights in my lifetime, but I've not had any problems after arriving back in the UK (I'm told that it's when time jumps forwards it kicks in?). I landed at LHR 2.30pm yesterday and was in the office for 9am this morning - so far no sign of any problems. Famous last words.

In related news, I appear to have lost an hour of my life during the trip to Seattle [oh]. Because of the UK and USA having different change-over dates for day-light savings I go through the +1 jump twice, but will only go through the corresponding -1 once.

What number do I call to claim my hour back?
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I don't get affected by jet-lag nearly as much as most people I know, but it's real - try a 36 hour trans-Pacific trip. It'll mess with your head, guaranteed. (By way of contrast, I do the US/Europe thing fairly often, and it does absolutely nothing to me.)

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The Europe to Australia flight is a bastard too; you've got jet lag combined with a complete change in season. I've only been to Europe once, but the flight back was around 30 hours. The fact it started at about 4 am and so I didn't have any sleep the night before didn't help.

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I only get jet lag after going to bed at my normal hours of like 2am on the west coast... Thus, for me it feels like I'm going to bed at 4am body-time.

When I come back to Wisconsin, I'm screwed though.

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Letlag is on and off for me, didn't quite figure out the causes. Except for that trips to Brazil&Japan did not induce jetlag, but both my trips to USA were followed by jetlag. So it's either the states that are causing, or just me getting older. Or both :)

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I think programmers are jet lag-resistant. I knew a girl who claimed that her Canada->Europe trip made her jet lag for a whole week. Damn, I don't believe her!

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