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You might find the entry below this one more intresting [grin](and this would have been a link but the forum software strips the values after the ?, excellent...)

My copy of Vista Ultimate turned up today; it's not in one of the cool boxes, however the front cover it pretty sweet looking (london skyline with the sun rising behind it and 'read for a new day' across it) and well, free software, who can complain? Now all it needs is a machine to live on [grin]

I also had a bank statement turn up, which is not so useful as I don't even have a card or pin number for that account, heh

Finally, I'm starting to feel sorry for the poor little Pixel Buffer Object (PBO) extension; for something so simple it's so misudnerstood and abused [sad]

People either confuse it with pBuffers (a totally different extension with totally different usage) or want to try to render to them (say what now?)... the thing is, it's really not a hard extension to use, it doesn't even introduce any new functions, just 4 new tokens to bind buffers to.

Maybe over easter I'll have time to (a) finish FBO301 and (b) write something on the various buffer objects as they stand to try and reduce the confusion a bit, or at least have them less abused than they currently are...
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