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Evil Steve


Well, I haven't done a lot to my engine. I got timers working - QueryPerformanceCounter() backed by timeGetTime() for when "weird shit" starts happening. I still need to test it on a speedstep processor though. I'm considering just locking the frame rate on a speedstep processor (I can detect the speedstep ability by the CPUID or something).
So I now have some nice framerate independant movement going on.

I also realised that the window doesn't render when it enters the size-move modal loop. So I did some horrible stuff with WM_TIMER, and then ran into a problem in that Windows likes to freeze my app for half a second while it decides what to do. I posted A Thread about this.

And, I got VC2005 Express installed at work, so I don't need to arse around with remote desktop to do coding. Which is nice.
And and my Intel CPU manuals arrived. All 6 of them. There's some crazy stuff in there, like apparently you can prefetch the next cache line in a loop by accessing an address 3 times in a row or something (I didn't understand it, look at the Intel(R) 64 and IA-32 Architectures Optimization Reference Manual (Bottom of the page), chapter 3-71 (Page 145 of the PDF) if you want to look further.

Err, that's about it really. How exciting.
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