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Let the carnage begin...

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Ok well I'm wrapping up the latest build of the game in prep for a test session tommorow w/the's gonna be a long night. Hopefully finalizing all gameplay elements by the end of this month.

Also I've posted a monster Gang War update on my website...check it out.


Though if you're a regular to my journal then it's not too much new stuff...check it out anyways. It represents about a month of work nicely thumbnailed for your viewing pleasure.

Anyways I don't really have much time to elaborate on the last 2 day's progress...but I do have lots of screens for your approval. The explosion/flames effect is still somewhat basic...also there are no more than 10k particles allowed at once. Memory useage for the whole particle system is < 1MB. Plus I'm still perfecting the explosion system so the explosions aren't directly visible yet...just flames/smoke/blood. Also the heat blur effect I showed earlier isn't applied in these screens.

These screenshots were all taken in 'INSTA-GIB' mode where 1 shot frags coming soon [grin].

I also have re-implemented ragdoll physics on characters...SUPRISE!

The coolest thing is that you can order your gangsters into a vehicle and tell them where to drive, based on the urgency of the order they'll either obey all traffic rules or speed to the destination.

I've also recently refined the actor pathfinding system here is some debug output...

And another random screen...

Ok time to get some more work feels never ending, but if I can hold on for one more month this thing will be done [grin].

- Dan
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Aside from the customary 'looks great', is there any chance you could put up some pictures of how the game looked 2/3 years ago when you started working on it? Would be interesting to see how far the game has come, since right now these screenshots are just giving me a gut feeling that there's no way I'll ever be able to pull off something like this [smile]

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Just scroll down to see my work as far back as 2001. [grin]

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I don't know how you have enough hours in a day to get all this work done.

One minor thing: maybe you should use a variety of explosion textures (or just modulate each particle with a slightly different colour), they all look quite similar at the moment.

Otherwise, brilliant :)

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I've got to see a video of the live action/gibbing/explosions/etc. =D This project started off looking like your typical sandbox but is now starting to take on some really interesting gamplay elements. Even without some of the RTS-ish elements you've introduced recently (which gots me all excited), the game still looks exactly like what I want to be doing after a stressful day at work... blowing sh!t up! =D

Dude, I'm ready to pre-order!

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Holy shit, that's an insane load of blood (and body parts). I don't think that your publisher will be able to sell the game in Germany.

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Gaheris - Maybe I'll create a special "German" version where blood particles are replaced by flowers, and gibs are replaced with cute little teddy bears. [grin]

Actually that would be kind of trippy...

coderx75 - Yea it does look a lot better in motion, the fire doesn't look as lame. The INSTA-GIB mode can be quite therapeutic [grin]. Thanks for the comments :-D

mattdev - yes I'm self-conscious of the fire effect...I spent that time developing the heat blur shader [ ] and I'm not even using it in-game yet. I'll get it lookin' good though don't worry :-)

It's unfortunate that there's all this "gameplay" stuff to deal with...ehhh. [grin]

- Dan

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