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Minor update tonight. Haven't had much time to work on Escalation, the semester is coming to end and of course every professor has to give us a giant project at the same time, all due within the same week. Anyway I did manage to get aiming in. It's simple really, first find the monsters that the player can see and sort them based on the difference between the players facing angle and the angle formed by the line between them and the player. Then just sort that by the distance between them and the player. The closest one becomes the "target".

(red rectangle is the targetted monster)

Hitscan testing is next up. Basically after I have the target I just move from the players sub-sector to the next based on the segments that line intersects with, doing actor and wall collision test on the way(Ben would know what I mean). The monsters just have the player set as a permanent target. There won't be any monster in-fighting as I think it would be more trouble than it's worth. Also monsters can tell if they'd hit the player or another monster before any damage is assigned, unlike Doom which fires first and asks questions later.

Also that'll probably be the zoom level the game is set to. I want there to be plenty of monsters on screen, but not choke the frame rate at the same time.
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Looking good.

Later on, simple projection shadows (even straight down) really improve the feel of "depth".

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Sounds like a bit much. I was just planning on adding 3D lighting for the actors. I really don't know that much when it comes to graphics programming.

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