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The List

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So all the levels are done, but there's still alot to do:

- Level transitions
- End of level "Medals"
- Retool map editor for custom levels
- Custom level play screen
- Shop for buying hats and characters
- Options screen
- Gamepad setup
- Cutscenes
- Sound and Music
- Credits screen

Hopefully I can do them in that order.

I'm currently working on the level transistions, which shouldn't take that long. I've decided to have "Medals" at the end of each level, either Bronze, Silver, and Gold, given to the player at the end of each level. Hopefully this will encourage the player to play the level more than once to get the Gold.

After that, I have to rework the map editor. I need a way to read in entire file directories, sorting through each one. According to the "C++ Cookbook", Boost does this, so I have to get those libraries(unless I have them already).

Anyways, that's what I'll be up to the next few weeks. Although it won't produce alot of interesting screenshots, it will be interesting to see the game come together during this time.
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