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About fmx/07

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Hello dudes !

As some of you may know, I'm going to attend the fmx/07 conference (it's all about content in movies, games and so on). Most of this conference is about creating content, so it's more an artistic conference, but there are some development tracks (Flash, ...) that can be interesting as well.

There will also be some game development house recruiters and press guys, so I may be able to ask them questions too.

The good thing is that I'm going to cover this event for GameDev.Net, so I will (1) update this journal with anecdotes about the even (2) post appropriate press releases (most probably about the release of new tools) (3) write track coverrage (to the best of my ability) (4) write interviews (again, to the best of my ability).

I don't plan to provide you a coverage that would be as extensive as the GDC coverage (obviously, I'm one, and the GDC coverage was organized in a better way). But I will try to get something that will please you.

If you want me to focus on a particular point, just let me know (post comment here, or in the associated news, or send me a PM).
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