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Moe update and Amusements.

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I have most of the moe updates compiling into the UI demo. Color abstraction is done and workingish. Font info is done and workingish. Resolution abstraction is not quite done. Rather it works for most things except the common aspect ratios... The new tiedrect is done, but broken. I miscoded the rat's nest that re-orients the rect on an update. Just some typo or conceptual failing rather than a design problem. I'll look for that tonight or later over the weekend.

For those that don't know, I've been at my new job for about 6 months. My first dev job. I learn on my own and focused quite a bit on DB-less traditional applications in C++ or C# (read: games). I literally never touched Java or SQL and had enough HTML to make the standard 1995 newb website.

So my most recent project is of course a solo enhancement to a Java Webapp DB frontend.

Not that I expect too many problems or welcome the opportunity to learn, but it amuses me to wonder how many other HR job descriptions are similarly inapplicable and the sort of scenario which leads to assigning that task to someone of my skillset.
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