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This good night

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So, lots happening,

We now have an additional Game Designer,
Her name is Heleen Durston, she applied to our help wanted thread, I was very excited to have a woman as a designer for MW, being that the main character is a female, I feel that she can bring alot to the game that us guys couldn't even at our best.

She has been learning how to use our map editor, she is a quick learner and in time I feel she will grow to be a very profficant designer.

With this addition there is now parralelisim in the map making phase, and will be in the scripting phase, this leaves me totaly free, to finish the game graphics.

I have a non-game related contract project that may be coming up in the next week or so, which would interupt my proposed 'graphics binge' where i do nothing but make graphics for two weeks straight, but given that i've taken a lay off to become a full time game developer, i need all the cash i can get in order to continue.

I finished the 'complete' task list for Phases 3 to 5, this list will not be made public (sorry) due to game spoilers that are present within it.

With the addition of our new designer, and some pep-rallying ive been doing I feel that things will turn around (and start being better) at tonight's meeting where I announce the need for 110% effort, on our march to the sea, and the changes that have been made to the gameplay system.

more on that after the meeting=D
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