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Hello all. I let my journal die for the past few months, but now I'm bringing it back. And I have some screenshots this time! [wink]

I'm now working on three projects. The first is my long-running adventure game engine. I've made some progress since last time, with collision detection, terrain blending, and skeletal animation implemented. I'm now focusing on content and have a basic story framework figured out. I have the intro sequence roughly storyboarded and am in the midst of making terrain and buildings for the town. More detailed information will follow once I get the environment constructed. Meanwhile, here is a quick shot of my male base mesh WIP.

The second project is a 2D tile-based game being coded in Python with Pygame and OpenGL. It is a collaboration with David Baumgart, another student at ACAD. It follows the adventures of a garbage technician whose spaceship crashes on a distant planet. At the moment, we have tile and entity rendering, player movement control, automatic doors that open and close, a user interface with an in-game map editor and dialog boxes for NPC interaction, and probably other things that I've forgotten to mention. We're aiming for a fairly low resolution style with tiles at 24x24 in a 640x480 viewport. We're currently working on creating the spaceship environment, as well as various objects and NPCs that the player will interact with.

The third project is an exploratory virtual world simulation. It is also a collaborative effort with Helen He, a student at the University of Calgary. Our goal is to produce a naturalistic environment that the user can explore. Currently we have a dynamic 2D sky system, infinite procedural terrain, and simple planar grass rendering. We are currently playing with different themes and trying to get the look we want.

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The 2D RPG has an awesome graphical look. I actually saved the screen shot to refer to as I develop my own rpg game which is currently on the backburner (even though it isn't sci-fi). It also seems a lot further long than my own efforts. Please keep us updated! :D

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Will do. We typically meet every Friday to work on that project, so I'll be posting an update tomorrow.

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