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So, I'm in L.A.

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Emmanuel Deloget


Yep. Well, not exactly: I'm in Torrance, in the wonderull Residence Inn near Rodondo Beach (now that you know where to find me, you have no excuse to not come).

My first impression so far?

Well, cars are BIG. And French cheese is made in America. And everything can be cokked in ovens (good thing I have a oven in my room). And (no offense intended) but the only very beautiful girl I've seen so far is French (and has 2 kind kids, and a very strong husband).

But on the overall, I'm impressed. It's quite easy to find anything I've needed so far (but I don't need much). Everyone seems to understand me, despite my horrible English accent - Sneftel knows about it, you can ask him. For the moment, the only thing I would say is that I really enjoy that. The only bad thing is that I must go outside to smoke my cigarettes - but that's not so bad, because as a result I smoke less.

I need to speak about the Residence Inn goodies: every tiny bit of service seems to be free. I have a free braodband intarweb connection, I got a free breakfeast this morning (but I didn't tried to eat eggs or potatoes - you know, we tipically don't eat that so early in France), I can give my grocery list to the hotel staff in the morning and I'll just have to pay for the groceries - not for the delivery. I can swim in the pool from 9 AM to 10 PM, or I can play basketball or tennis. All that come with my $159,00 room (that I don't have to pay, since it's a business trip), packed with a king side bed (any beautiful girl out there? Remember, I'm French... [smile]) a nifty kitchen, a Nintendo-64 enabled TV, and more.

Since Im' here (yesterday), I only had to spend something along the line of $40, mostly to buy food. I gave myself some pleasure by buying some cool Revo sunglasses. I'm also going to buy some Marvel comics - if I can find anything related to their Civil War event.

Of course, the consequence of my trop is that I'm going to enjoy everything, and I'll be less present on GameDev.Net (not sure in fact. I should try to spend more time outside my room). I will also postpone the translations of the blog tickets I wanted to write or translate - and the "SOMETHING" project is delayed a bit, mostly because I forgot to bring it with me [smile].

have a nice day! (and leave a message if you're not far from me)
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