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Moe progress update.

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Original post by Telastyn
- Modify colors to act more like resources

Currently it's a pain to set colors of child controls to be that of parent controls (and keep them in synch).

[edit1: Sort of done. Generic manager and color class defined, pre-existing infrastructure changed to use new color class. Now to make a concrete manager to test against.]

[3/25/07] - Sort of done. Concrete manager done with a little testing. Dependent on the 'skinning' changes to the resource managers to test effectively and provide much benefit.


- Modify fonts to act more like rectangles

Once again, it's a pain to update controls if/when the font changes.

[3/25/07] - Sort of done. The load strings are now kept with the text objects making this feasible-ish. I need to decide how often this should occur and what the proper behavior should be for aliased fonts.


- Make resolution changes handled more elegantly.

Essentially moving from explicit to relative coordinates.

[edit1: Mostly done. I once again need concrete managers to test]

[3/25/07] - Done, I think. It works as designed, though after seeing it in action a little it maybe doesn't do what I want. Maybe just a problem with my test object sizing/design.


- Add support for drag/drop, mouseover, stop hover, double click, and make mouse clicks more natural.

Most of these aren't supported, and perhaps not a big deal. The main problem is that scroll bars are weird when you can't drag the bar. Also, there's currently a large lack of interactivity in the UI, making buttons non-obvious and certain things like hover popup elimination very tedious.

- Add more modularity to the resource setup.

This should allow for skinning, and easier alternative resource sets for whatever reason (colorblindness, internationalization, hard of seeing).

- Create default resource aliases.

Which will centralize the UI defaults making them easier to see/change/replace/re-alias.

- Add more controls.

The biggie. Key on the list are layout objects, scrollbars that don't suck, buttons that interact better, hover popups, pre-made tabpages, perhaps a progress bar, and overall minor improvements to pre-existing controls. [edit: and many more I can't think of now

- Change TiedRect to allow arbitrary ties

The most common dynamic rectangle used should allow multiple ties to others stretching if necessary rather than placing awkward sizing functors for it.

[edit2: code added. Untested, existing source not yet changed to use the less demanding interface]

[3/25/07] - Done. Existing source changed with a few problems with some fragile code which is going to be tossed anyways. The Ties are much more reliable now. Flexibility is also improved since I can do most of the sizings via ties rather than a sizing functor and events.


- Add info about aspect ratio somewhere

Because with relative coords, that will matter more than the resolution.

[edit1: done. Added enum, properties, event]

- Add a dirty flag to renderables.

To allow for more intelligent caching since the UI likely won't be very dynamic.
...and more as I think of it.]

[edit1: 2 hours work, much done.]
[edit2: 2 more hours, a bit done.]

Next in the queue I think is going to be that sort of skinning/modularity change or a table layout object. Nothing likely soon since I've far less time for hobby these days, but that's fine just so long as I keep the progress flowing.
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