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I've been dugg. . .I mean Jayisgamed!

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My hitcount on my games page is a mite north of its current "growth, but extremely slow" curve I've been seeing recently, as one of my fans has posted a review on The Casual Gameplay site. It's not even 10 AM here, and I'm already looking at a thousand plays.

So big big thanks for that :)

Two clarifications. . .

1. BaffleBees was actually TANSTAAFL's idea, which was a hexagonal version of my old Quinto game. Credit to TANS, though, for realizing that hexes is a much better mechanism for that game. The name and theme are mine :)

2. My blog has been around since 1998. I oughta do something for its tenth birthday next March.
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Man, casual games are hit-tastic. I've maybe gotten 1000-2000 downloads of my latest game, tops. [crying]

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I'm glad to see that the review brought some extra traffic your way. In a way that is heartening for me to hear, because it means that the review didn't scare people away. [smile] Sorry about any information that was incorrect. I simply looked in the archives on your site to see when your earliest blog was.

I had been wanting to do a review of your site for while, but the required login tends to be a real hang-up for a lot of the visitors to Jay is (or at least it has been in the past). Once I saw you put in the guest login, I submitted the review on the same day.

In a brief chat I had with Jay, he expressed some admiration for the quality of the games on your site. I wouldn't be surprised if another review of one of your games showed up at some point.

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