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Very basic AI and Particles

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I've given the monsters the ability to walk around and they have line-of sight testing now just like the player. I plan on working on the chase code tomorrow(copying the code from Doom) so if everything goes right(which it won't of course) the AI code should be complete by tomorrow night.

Here the mancubus outlined in green can see the player, but the other one can't.

I've also added in particles. Basically they're be used for when projectiles hit objects along with blood spatter. I also have to add in decals too, nothing says excessive violence like floors and walls painted with blood.

(yeah I went a little nuts here)

Hopefully the journal system remains operational. Normally I would rip on GD for its crappy service, but after seeing the staff(mainly Superpig) working on the site so much, I'm hoping it's a sign of things to come.
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